A weekend on the pond

We spent this weekend at our dear friends little summer house on Joe's Pond, the house was built around 1910 and remained in the family dating back to the 30's, a real summer camp, simple and wonderful with a true vintage feel, at night we stayed up looking at the stars and spent the early morning lying in bed looking out the window at the view, the men biked and swam and paddled canoes, it was a bit to cool for me so I took a long walk on the trails and found some of the best corn ever at the local store, We drove through beautiful little Vermont towns and off the main rd. to Peacham with it's lovely 18th century houses and little General Store, the next morning the mist rose over the hills and the view was amazing! It was a perfect way to end this beautiful Vermont summer.

photo 3 copy 6.JPG

Summer Collection

For the last few weeks I've been working on new designs for the Summer Collection, the look is slightly more modern but it still maintains my Romantic + Bohemian style. 

I  photographed the collection on my beautiful new model Jessica, I love her fresh look! most of the items are already listed in the shop, I hope you like them!

I am always asked about the clothes is my photo shoots so here are the sources:

Denim Overalls- American Eagle + White T Shirt - Loft

White Long Sleeve Dress - Gap

Sleeveless Lace Top Dress - Stella Mae Burlington VT

White Cotton Shirt - J Crew 

Ikea Family Live

I am so excited to share this with you! Last September a wonderful crew from the UK came over to our little Vermont home and photographed our house for Ikea Live Magazine, the story was out in the magazine for the last few weeks (not available in the usa) but today it's online on their website in the July issue!

The amazing Adrian Briscoe was the photographer and lovely Emily Henson did the styling, since my whole family was away those days,  Daniel and Mikey in college and Ronen and Jonathan away filming in the far east for three months , Emily made this gorgeous family collage from family photos and bits and bobs on my work table, what a lovely way to pull the whole family into one shot!

Emily's family collage

Emily's family collage

A few changes happened since the article was shot, we moved the studio out of the house and completely re- designed the dining room, the shop has been amazing and I need the extra space ....I also lost a lot of weight (yeayy)...

I love how the house was captured!

The Living space

The Living space

the bedroom

the bedroom

the garden

the garden


Crazy Colors

I'm really into these crazy colors right now, here I am in the studio (weird photo...) wearing lilac (my new fav), fuchsia shoes (two years ago from the Gap) and my turquoise and Lilac tassel Necklace and it's all because of these amazing purply-pink Geraniums I found in the market last week...I even had to make a few new bead bracelets to go with some old springy metal ones I once bought and never wore. Checkout the new necklace I just listed inspired by these colors too!

The new Three Strand Handmade Bead Chain Necklace (it takes hours to make but I love it! )...

I hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am!