Beaded Necklace and Bracelet Set

A set of two necklaces and and a charm bracelet!

This long versatile statement necklace is actually two separate necklaces that can be worn together or individually for many different looks and matched up with the bracelet in makes a perfect pair!

Both necklaces are made with Czech glass beads in cream, the longer chain with 6mm beads and jet black loops and the 1" shorter chain with 4mm beads with brass loops.

The longer necklace has an ornate little brass pendant with a .5" oval crystal glass bead hanging down, the shorter chain has a little pink cotton tassel and a small sea green drop bead.

The bracelet is made with three chains, a 6mm cream bead chain with black loops, a 6mm cream bead chain with brass loops and a smaller 4mm cream bead chain with brass loops, each chain has different trinkets on them, three little vintage brass ball beads, a pink tassel and a sea green drop bead. 

Model is wearing the 33" length necklace.

Both necklaces are shipped together in one gift box.


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