Petite Rose Posts

Petite Rose Posts with Vintage Glass Jewel Drops available in 8 colors.
The little cabbage roses measure 10mm ( a little less then .5") the earring measure 20mm (3/4") from top of rose to the bottom of the jewel.
The roses are very light weight and fitted into lace edge brass setting, the studs and barrel closures are gold plated.

You will receive ONE pair.

choose your color:
1. Blush Rose with Red drop Jewels
2. Fuchsia Rose with Light Blue drop jewels
3. Cream Rose with Crystal drops
4. Pink Rose with Crystal drops
5. Green Rose with Yellow drop jewels
6. Grey Rose with Yellow drop jewels
7. Chartreuse Rose with Red drop jewels
8. Coral Rose with Pale Blue Drop jewels

Shipped Gift wrapped in an eco friendly box.

Collections: Women All, Women Earrings

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