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Our House

Up until A few weeks ago Ronen and I were busy planning a major renovation in our house, we had everything figured out, we would completely open up the main living spaces to create a big loft like space, we would move our beloved Ikea kitchen to a different bigger corner with a giant island, we would knock up our low ceiling and put sky light windows in, we would build a porch and get new giant windows with black frames, we have a Pinterest Board New House with tons of inspiring photos and ideas and this amazing house as a major inspiration, did I mention new sidings as well? yes, our new house was beautiful...until we got the cost estimation...oh boy...well that's not happening, not now anyway..so, to cheer myself up I walked around the house and took some new photos reminding myself how lucky I really am and the house looks just fine as is...we just might start with a little bathroom renovation for now...I will keep you posted.


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February 02, 2015

Your home is so cozy and gorgeous! And I love all that natural light pouring in. What amazes me is that you have such lovely floral designs and patterns going on even with 4 men in the house. I have one man in my house and he makes sure nothing remotely ‘floral’ seeps in. Love your work and aesthetics! xoxo

Linelle Arendse
Linelle Arendse

November 21, 2014

You have a lovely home. I look through all your home pics to get inspiration for mine. xx

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