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Our Studio is ONE!

It's exactly one year since we moved the studio out of the house and into it's new quarters, here is the blog post I wrote last year the day we moved in:

Yes! it's a love story! since we moved in two weeks ago I've been so inspired and totally in love with our new studio! it was not an easy decision, after working from home...i.e a corner in our dining room for the last 7 years I have grown so used to the easiness of it all, but in reality the business outgrew the little corner and now with all three kids in and out of college Ronen and I felt  we need to start our chapter three. We found a wonderful space in Burlington, just 10 minutes away by car called The Karma Birdhouse a studio and office complex in a beautiful old industrial building with the perfect Maglianero Cafe on the ground floor and a great collection of communal lounge spaces including a fully equipped kitchen a gallery and a conference room with a killer view of the lake when works gets overwhelming and we need a break. The studio itself is not very big but so much more spacious then what we had at home, everything has its place and it's so easy to navigate including a special corner to take photos with a low white table and tons of beautiful white light , the windows are enormous, the ceilings are 15ft high! and I love the big brick wall! so here is a little photo tour:


The building, cafe and communal lounge spaces

this is what you see when you walk into our studio, A little art collection on the brick wall that is a mix of some of my favorites: starting on the left:  the "Supercali" poster is from Etsy by Edubarba, the black and white Vu De L'exterieur print is by Field Guided, the colorful abstract print called He and I is from Etsy by Brittany Bass, the big pink For Like Everposter is from Super- Rural , to the right of the poster: the top is a beautiful landscape print from my sister's Etsy shop Flora Art Print Shop, beneath it is a black and white photo of Vermont Trees by our dear friend and photographer Jan cannon, on the floor, a giant heart by Rifle Paper co and a New York poster that is actually gift wrapping paper I purchased at Paper Source and framed... the chairs are Ikea, the bright yellow table lamps are West Elm and the rug is an old Kilim that's been in my family since I was a little girl.

To the right is Ronen's desk, to the left is mine

I got the Chinese Doll in Chinatown San Fransisco, some of my fabric collection, Ronen's corner, with two prints byEdubarba

Sketches of  the new Spring Collection on my mood board, bottom right a custom sign I commissioned from Susan Ball's shop



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