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A room Renovation

When our kids left for college we decided to turn the downstairs room into a guest room. I love this room it has the best light from two large windows and it's perfect for house guest allowing them some privacy.

Here is the room in it's first phase  (notice the up side down map...it was a funny joke for a 14 yr old..he is now 24...)

This is what it looked like when our second son used it when he was in high school (he is now a senior in college) I made him a bright red headboard and he decorated his walls with his older brother's beautiful photographs.

The walls were in bad shape and the heating base boards were in very bad shape, Ronen took them apart, scrubbed them down with steel wool, cleaned them off and spray painted them outside with a first coat of anti rust spray and them with white spray paint to match the new white walls.

We chose True White in an egg shell finish by Olympic from Lowe's for the walls.

Here is the room after the renovation:

 We painted the long shelf white which immediately made the whole room seem bigger,  I reupholstered the red headboard and made a few new pillows with fabrics I got at Joanne's. The Granny Square blanket is very old, not sure where I got that probably a yard sale, the rose quilt and two side tables are from Homegoods. The two bedside lamps are from Etsy, they are both vintage. I haven't put up the art on the wall yet, it takes me a while to get up the courage to put nails in a freshly painted wall but I am starting to collect some pieces I like and think about how to hang them, you can see them lined up behind the bed.

Here is a before and after photo


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March 29, 2015

Hi Tamar! I love how your refreshed room turned out! Wanted to ask if you purchased the Homegoods quilt within the last few months. I’ve been searching for it for awhile and haven’t been lucky enough to find it. Thank you!


March 26, 2015

The room is beautiful, well done. I love the crochet blanket and cushions on the bed. x

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