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Some news


I am excited about our new dining room chairs, we had a whole random collection of chairs that were broken and wobbly and we decided to slowly acquire a few new ones to go with our Ikea Norden table that's huge, first came two Eames style knock offs from Amazon, I feel a little guilty about getting them but they are great, I wish we could afford the real thing but these will do for now, then a couple of months ago we got two Watermelon Tucker chairs from the Serena and Lilycollection for One Kings Lane (they are out of stock), when we opened the box we were a little shocked to discover that Watermelon is really hot pink...! luckily I am very fond of pinks and managed to convince my poor shocked husband that they are great, and they are! I love them! he is getting used to them too, I think...

Finally last week to finish rounding up the eight chairs we needed we purchased two Yellow chairsfrom Target, I love them the most! they are sturdy and well made, the color is gorgeous, not to bright or lemony, just the right shade! and they go well with every thing! we have officially finished the dining room project! yeayy!


FullSizeRender (1)

and for those who are asking the beautiful painting is by my mom Nora Frenkel who passed away on the 20th of May 1996. She was an amazing artist and beloved teacher and I love her and miss her everyday.


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Mazzi Peled
Mazzi Peled

September 08, 2015

Beautiful and so inspiring! I love the colors, the light and welcoming feel you created.. Thank you for sharing!


May 01, 2015

Your taste!!! This is so beautiful! I could truly live in this room. The paintings has such happy, vibrant colors and I already have a crush on that linen colored chair I spy in front of that corner window. You have such a way of mixing and matching.

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