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Making Space

We have been seriously suffering from a lack of space for some time now, with our boys all back home this summer, the two older ones just done with college and transitioning into their new lives and jobs, still not making enough money to rent and planing on traveling soon (our middle son) and one going back to grad school next fall (our older son) and our youngest in college still for the next three years, our home is like a train station/storage/dumping ground for all their stuff!!! ughhhh....I love it when the house is neat and clean and there are no messy parts anywhere...but alas that has not been the case for sometime now, it seems as though every time I get one room all cleaned up and sorted another room or space gets all messed up all over again, I know I should feel blessed, they love to live at home and and we all get along wonderfully and I do feel absolutely blessed! but the mess! Right now we are completely updating the downstairs bathroom, (blog post to follow when we are done) the laundry room is a disaster area and the garage....yikes...I won't even go into that! and then there are tons of guests in and out all year long too not to mention some serious photo crews that seem to love taking pictures of our home...the house just meeds to look less messy! 

So we built a shed and we love it!

We found it on the Costco website on sale! it was a weekend sale and marked down by a lot, so lucky!! at first we thought of renting a mini storage but when we did the math we realizes that getting a shed made a lot more sense.  Luckily I had an in house three generation family building crew here this summer, my husband's dad who is a contractor, my husband who is a fantastic DIY builder and fixer upper and our son Mikey who is studying Architecture at Pratt, a great way to get some hands on building experience for him this summer although he is not completely new to this and spent a few high school vacations volunteering and building with Habitat for Humanity.

The crew

Ronen on the left, Amnon (Ronen's dad in the center) and Mikey


We chose a shady back spot under a tree right by the veggie garden


building took about 2 weeks, it was no easy task (Ronen and his dad measuring out the platform)



the finished platform




The walls are up!



and roof


it then proceeded to rain for about 3 days and construction was halted



the doors installed and the shed is being painted, I chose white exterior paint with a red for the barn doors, black hardware and a dark slate grey ribbed steel roof.



Ronen installing the steel roof ordered from Lowe's 



the three generation "crew" putting in some last touches (I swear I didn't coordinate the color scheme here..)



next came the stairs made from an old piece of wood that was lying around the garden forever, we also chose heavy weight white vinyl lattice for the bottom, I would have loved to go with painted wood but the winters here are too harsh and the vinyl actually looks just fine.

look how cute! I am so excited!


last part was a little landscaping, I planted hydrangea and Salvia on the visible sunny side

and voila! all done, so much more space freed up at home!





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