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Paris 2015

Last week we got back from what was the loveliest holiday ever! Ronen and I realized this summer that we have never been on a vacation just the two of us since before we got married...I know it's crazy! Once the kids were born we always took family vacations, when we moved to the USA from Israel ten years ago the only vacations we took were to go back home to visit our families and friends, the first time I went back to Europe was two years ago on a trip to London with a friend and then last year to Paris with my sister, it was time to flare up some romance and take some time off with my husband! traveling on a tight budget is not as difficult today with the help of airbnb! We booked a cheap charter flight from Montreal to Paris and found a lovely little studio high up overlooking the roofs in the Marais neighborhood in Paris where we stayed for 4 days, we then took a 3:30 hr train ride to Amsterdam (I love trains!) and stayed in a little studio on a house boat on a canal in the Jordaan neighborhood.
The first post will start in Paris:
the view of the roof tops from our little studio
Place Des Vosges
the best patisserie ever  Du Pain Et des Idees in the Canal Saint Martin neighborhood
where we ate the amazing L'escargot chocolat pistache (chocolate and pistachios in a flaky buttery dough...divine!)
we spent all our days walking for hours and soaking in the beauty of this amazing city
finding hidden treasures such as this little chandelier shop in a tiny alleyway
or this beautiful pale aqua door
I've been to Paris so many times and I am always in awe of the flower shops! they are the most beautiful I have ever seen, look at the displays! rows of flowers and plants in stripes of pink
a beautiful whimsical Autumn display
on one of our walks we discovered this little gem! the gorgeous little Hotel Caron De Beaumarchais I'm hoping that next time we'll stay there!



I hope you enjoyed this little tour, next time Hello from Amsterdam!

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