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I just finished posting about our Paris trip this fall, here is the second part of our trip, Amsterdam! After spending a few glorious days in Paris we took the train to Amsterdam, we always dreamt about staying on a house boat on a canal and found this little studio with giant windows in the lovely Jordaan neighborhood. I didn't know what to expect, I was in Amsterdam twice, once as a teenager for 2 days with my grandparents, I only remember holding my little sister's hand while touring Anna Frank's house, I was absolutely obsessed with the book and story at that time, the second time was about 12 years ago, I was there for 2 days on a journalist tour of the Nike Headquarters outside Amsterdam, that time I only stayed in the city for a day and mainly walked the main shopping areas, spending a week there with my husband would mean getting to know the city a little better and I must say I fell in love! We are actually thinking of spending longer chunks of time there sometime in the future.

Amsterdam has the feel of a small town, we rented bicycles for the duration of our stay which made life very easy, I highly recommend this rental place!  it was wonderful getting around on bikes not to mention constant great exercise! the canals, the little shops, the cobblestone streets, the flowers, great food, wonderful vintage and second hand shops (my favorite thing) all made the trip an absolute pleasure! 

here I am in my night gown reading on the house boat


A swan coming to say good morning!



A classic Amsterdam sceneIMG_0813


beautiful flower shops everywhere



the view of the canal from our bed!


A lovely house in the Jordaan neighborhood, I love the big windows everywhere! did you know that because the houses are so narrow hooks were affixed to the tops to hoist furniture and goods up and through the windows, this tradition is still employed today, it's a fascinating scene to watch! 


three of my favorite shops where these:







and my all time favorite the heavenly Dille&Kamille!! 


we also explored the beautiful Rijks Museum and grounds, I highly recommend getting the museum guided tour app if you are there and exploring the website, it's fascinating and has a ton of free downloads!


the library at the museumIMG_0774

autumn in Amsterdam


a garden roof on a house boat


and finally here I am in the Central Train station on our way back home blending into a giant scale poster of the Night Watch by Rembrandt, did you know that the Night Watch scene is actually taking place during the day time? The dark background mistaken for night's sky was actually a varnish turned dark with age and dirt. During a restoration in the 1940s, the varnish was removed, but the name stuck.


I hope you enjoyed the tour!



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July 05, 2016

Always love reading peoples impressions of Amsterdam, it is my all time favourite place ever. It just feels like home.
Each time we go we try to explore different areas but always come back to the Jordaan.
One day when im, old i would like to live there maybe for 6 months or even Leiden which is also like a mini amsterdam.
I have to say it i much preferr it to Paris, Paris has its own charm but not to the same level of Amsterdam.
Peoples windows are so interesting to look through you just dont get that in Paris.

Love your jewellery x

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