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Our Home

We have been changing and updating tons of stuff around the house, this summer we  gave the whole house a fresh coat of white paint, we updated the kitchen and added a new farmhouse sink,  marble top counter sourced locally here in Vermont and and new range hood and back splash, in the living room I moved things around and changed the pillows and colors and the rugs were sent to cleaner for a good deep clean, we are planning on getting a new coffee table, I am imagining a big square table made with reclaim wood inserted into a black steel frame with steel legs...we might have to built it ourselves...








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carolyn bates
carolyn bates

February 04, 2016

Your house is just wonderful. I love all the colors and light and positive energy it has.
Can’t wait to work with you and Mollie Makes Magazine.


January 18, 2016


Love the new pictures. I was so thrilled to see your house a “new trend” for 2016. Have a great new year.

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