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Israel Travel Journal 1

Every year I travel to Israel to visit my family and friends, when we moved to Vermont with the kids 10 years ago we promised everyone we will be back on a yearly basis and throughout the years we kept our promise, most of the time we travel back with the kids but on occasion I go on my own and it's a whole different exprience, having time for myself I find I do a lot more exploring and venture to places I normally don't have time for when all 5 of us go as a family. I always stay at my sister's who is a wonderful artist and now lives with her family in the house we both grew up in which my dad who was an architect designed in the 60's.
Here are some highlights from my latest visit in Early March.
First of all is the house, a modern structure made of concrete and painted white, with 15' high glass panel sky lights and a series of room that surround a middle patio, the art in this photo is by my mother who was an amazing artist
looking down from the upper floor:
the upper living area:
this is the little room I stayed in
beautiful fruit bowls in the kitchen:
I love the way my sister displays her jewelry, most of it is my own designs, it always seems to look so good on her. 
The pretty bedroom
The garden:
Our neighborhood in Tel Aviv is also something I always miss, even though I now live surrounded by beauty here in Vermont where you grow up always has a special place in your heart:
 The Yarkon river and park at dusk:
the local flower shop
the hidden secret garden behind the house


my all time favorite local cafe down the street


Next time:
Tel Aviv sightseeing, food, a beautiful studio and a recipe!

1 Response

Mary Ann
Mary Ann

March 20, 2016

How exciting for you to have a new blog post….love them so!
Everything about your Sister’s home and neighborhood is wonderful and colorful.
I cannot wait for part II.

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