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Israel Travel Journal 2

When I travel to Israel I always love to go sightseeing, eat in my favorite restaurants and visit family and friends

This year my sister and I spent the whole day walking around the Jaffa Flea Market which is becoming more fun with every year I visit, new shops pop up all the time, there are some great places to eat and the streets are filled with vendors selling everything from vintage furniture to second hand clothes, one of my favorite places to eat is Puaa Restaurant, everything in this place is vintage from the furniture down to the water glasses and cutlery and there are different bouquets of fresh flowers on every table, such a great look!





then of course there are some great shops, I especially love everything at Sharon Brunsher's shop


Sharon recently also opened Papier a beautiful shop dedicate to all things paper, if you are in Tel Aviv, it's a must!

another favorite is the Perfume shop Zielinski and Rozen, the shop looks like an old world pharmacy filled with beautiful simple glass bottles and filled with the most amazing scents, they also sell soaps and bath products and I love bringing gift from there, the scents linger in my suitcase and clothes for days.


Walking around Tel Aviv is always an interesting exprience and a feast to the eyes, the modern city is so much fun, the colors, the food, the beautiful displays like this one of vintage phones hanging on a wall in a trendy shop on Shenkin st.


or this cool knitted bicycle


or fresh squeezed juices at the new indoor Sarona Food Market complex


I also love visiting my friends homes and studios like my friend's Hagit  fantastic studio, I wrote about her and her amazing home here



and finally my annual favorite visit is to my sister and brother and law and my beautiful nieces who live in the countryside, I usually stay here for a couple of days soaking in the sunshine, it was amazing to see the vegetable garden! our garden in Vermont will not look like this until July!



I hope you enjoyed my little tour!


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